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Random: If you're living there for 15 years you're eligibl
Random: >>214 take a drop and prepare for BITSAT
Random: >Be me >Born in Bihar >Move to Maharashtr
Random: >>142 Fixed color problem.
Random: >>165 No, 8chan was(RIP).
Random: >>199 If nothing has changed then this would
Random: >>205 Took a 4 hour nap in the afternoon yes
Random: Kek, Pakis are very bad at acronyms.
Random: >search for pakistan imageboard >search eng
Random: >>203 how many hours? 7-10 hours is normal
Random: But I'm still happy no guilt
Random: Overslept today
Random: >95 Matches Kek
Random: >>200
Random: >go to https://8kun.top/india/catalog.html >