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File: images (39).jpg–(64.58KB, 507x605)
No.214  [Reply]
>Be me
>Born in Bihar
>Move to Maharashtra as a child
>Live here for 15 years
>Want to study enginiggering
>Take engineering subjects in high school
>Prepare for national university entrance
>Chill out thinking I have another option in my local Maharashtra colleges
>Read the brochure
>You need to be an ethnic Marathi or have a domicile of MH state to study in a local state university
>Outsiders not permitted
>Didn't bother registering for my own state's exam

JFL. I'm going to take up Life Sciences or some bullshit. All private uni applications are closed, I really thought I had a shot there and didn't register for anything else.
>> No.215
take a drop and prepare for BITSAT
>> No.216
If you're living there for 15 years you're eligible for a domicile.

File: screencapture-wizchan-org-2020-09-18-10_51_23.png–(465.92KB, 1920x1677)
No.165  [Reply]
Is wizardchan the ideal chan? It seems like it.
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>> No.179
he soduku'd
neetdom was weighting down on him he would have been 30 by now
>> No.186
>> No.212
No, 8chan was(RIP).

File: 98692B52-A524-452D-973A-6780086621FC.jpg–(272.90KB, 750x727)
No.196  [Reply]
Has the world changed for good? Will people take hygiene seriously now, I hope so.
>> No.199
Has anything even changed? Just feels like an year long summer vacation to me
>> No.210
If nothing has changed then this would be a lost opportunity.

File: frog.jpg–(7.53KB, 275x183)
No.203  [Reply]
Overslept today
>> No.204
File: frog.jpg–(143.19KB, 2000x1333)
But I'm still happy no guilt
>> No.205
how many hours?
7-10 hours is normal
>> No.209
Took a 4 hour nap in the afternoon yesterday, was sleepless till 1am today, and then slept till 11 today. Afternoon naps are dangerous.

File: Screenshot_20200923-115328.png–(47.47KB, 1080x807)
No.206  [Reply]

>search for pakistan imageboard
>search engine shows me pedo.pk
the meme writes itself
>> No.208
Kek, Pakis are very bad at acronyms.

File: 1558040617426.gif–(1.03MB, 349x194)
No.200  [Reply]
>go to https://8kun.top/india/catalog.html
>ctrl f + "भीम"
>> No.201
File: IMG_20180903_005951.jpg–(142.27KB, 1023x619)
>> No.202
>95 Matches

File: headcanon.jpeg–(25.52KB, 583x526)
No.189  [Reply]
i don't think he has been away for this long
only time he was away for more than a day was during that cyclone thing in bengal which fucked up all bhangali anons internet
>> No.190
Probably watching anime
>> No.197
No, I am alive. Yes, there was no electricity for more than two weeks for the cyclone.

File: 016E485F-02CB-4328-B173-0991F6568E88.jpg–(101.39KB, 708x801)
No.187  [Reply]
I can't believe I did something for a week, phew
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>> No.193
File: this is one guy.png–(44.55KB, 1773x472)
>> No.194
You saved inch with the sepoy pic, that guy saluting, for years. I'm thankful for that.
>> No.195
what a fucking shithole
only good thing about it is how that faggot got zero (you)s even after sperging like an autistic monkey

File: 96245823.gif–(1.09MB, 600x600)
No.172  [Reply]
Anons, can you draw? I want to get into animation but can't draw, what do?
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>> No.175
I need pencils to draw. Digital art sucks when you have a low res display.
>> No.178
my brother draws those soulless pencil sketches of his dumbfuck hiphop friends
>> No.185
Post'em, let us see.>>178

File: unnamed.jpg–(53.83KB, 313x470)
No.176  [Reply]
Are there any animated shows targeting Indian adult audiences?
If there are, they must be very unfunny or unpopular, I believe it's an open market and a huge opportunity.
So get into it, maybe this is how you get super fucking rich.
And I believe people here are funnier than average bhangis on YouTube/fagbook, so writing stuff wil not be hard for you.
>> No.177
open market but not a huge market
i believe some old tv shows used to do this type of shit but in a normal tv show
however the audience is retarded bhangis these days
why do you think b*llywood changed so much
>> No.184
I want whoreywood to burn overnight.

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