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File: asdfsdfs.png–(1.52MB, 1690x754)
No.518  [Reply]
reject western fashion indian man
>> No.519
nipponese love bahubali for some reason

Embed: Street Fighter II Ken Theme Original–(YouTube)
No.507  [Reply]
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>> No.515
Embed: Ulrich Schnauss - Monday Paracetamol–(YouTube)

>> No.516
Embed: Emancipator - Safe in the Steep Cliffs–(YouTube)

>> No.517
Embed: marlboro. - a great day–(YouTube)

File: f57.jpg–(79.16KB, 640x640)
No.30  [Reply]
Finally, added an ad in front page. I'll get paid $0.02 per unique click (I'm not sure). They will be sent to my buttcoin address. Gonna waste them on buying a decent domain and get a good hosting service.
Kindly, do the needful and click on the ad when you feel so.
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>> No.474
he knows spending any money will be wasting it because he is a faggot who cant even run a pt usha robot, let alone an imageboard
only reason this site gets any activity is because indiachan is a shithole chan filled with redditor faggots to the brim
>> No.476
Lol, true
>> No.506
:( dont bully the poor kid

File: 1570413448099.png–(19.16KB, 657x527)
No.496  [Reply]
>uttar (north) pradesh
>it's in the center
>> No.505
somebody did not take a look at map lol

File: anon.PNG–(1.16MB, 1212x716)
No.500  [Reply]
add /r9k/ and increase the traffic here.
>> No.501
Suicide is the way fren
>> No.504

File: anon.PNG–(1.16MB, 1212x716)
No.499  [Reply]
add /r9k/ and increse the traffic here.
>> No.503

File: IMG_20210204_225945 literally me.jpg–(49.06KB, 396x594)
No.498  [Reply]
Ab mera post top pr hai
>> No.502

File: Javed Iqbal.jpeg–(44.52KB, 738x416)
No.467  [Reply]
>gets accused of being gay
>mother dies of heart attack knowing her son is gay
>decides to take revenge by fucking 100 little boys in their ass
so was he gay or not gay?
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>> No.471
>Iqbal was the sixth of eight children
>> No.486
muslims are pumping out children to take over this country meanwhile you are still on hum 2 hamare 2 propoganda
>> No.497
It's hard enough raising 2 kids :[

File: 1585057709889.png–(268.31KB, 700x901)
No.491  [Reply]
if you like sports you're a faggot
>> No.493
I'm unironically a faggot
>> No.494
What kind of faggot are we talking?
Jerks off to trap/tranny/femboy faggot or jerks off to full masculine man on masculine man homosexual porn faggot or eats his cum everytime he ejaculates faggot or has anal sex with other men faggot?
>> No.495
Retard dumb npc faggot

File: 1585057709889.png–(268.31KB, 700x901)
No.492  [Reply]
if you like sports you're a faggot

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