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File: ice cold sandwich.png–(465.88KB, 500x501)
No.477  [Reply]
i am 23 and i eat chocos for breakfast with milk+bournvita
>> No.478
does it taste good?
>> No.479
not really, i just eat it because ive been eating it for so long. force of habit you know
>> No.490
retarded, are you a soyboy?

File: Smug_Dino.png–(89.27KB, 285x297)
No.481  [Reply]
can >we get people like this arrested or fined for selling and producing pornographic content
>> No.489
Probably fake

File: 9cecf21b7c386b3ba0d4b3458d4f1759.jpg–(178.88KB, 1042x1042)
No.485  [Reply]
mai purani fiat car khareed ke modify karna chahta hun
>> No.488
Paise hai jyada to karle

File: r8 setup.jpg–(57.22KB, 1080x810)
No.463  [Reply]
hey admin there's something wrong with your site
i wanted to make this thread here but your site cannot handle that big sanskrit word
>> No.465
this is what happens if i try to post it here, i am copy pasting the entire thing and the english part wont get posted
>> No.487
this site is just for gay hookups

File: tatti-logo-png-1.png–(18.45KB, 1300x450)
No.480  [Reply]
what are your daadi maa ke nuskhe for constipation?
>> No.483
2 glass namkeen paani(not to be confused for piss)
>> No.484

File: download.jpeg–(6.98KB, 328x153)
No.469  [Reply]
108 chan ka domain kya hai 108ch.cf doesn't work, 108ch.ga also doesn't work
>> No.472
108chan.ga retard
>> No.475
Damn, thanks my man

File: EtBWL8SWMAUcwcL.jpg–(2.14MB, 2731x4096)
No.445  [Reply]
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>> No.451
File: chakras.jpg–(400.26KB, 1290x997)

it's fin as in fin du monde
>> No.453
what does it mean
>> No.468

fin means "end" in romance languages (latin, french etc)

File: IMG_20210126_074854.jpg–(46.28KB, 479x581)
No.448  [Reply]
Delete this dead shit already
>> No.466

Embed: s4s - Guileslam–(YouTube)
No.410  [Reply]
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>> No.437
Embed: [s4s] OC Albume 21 - Sweet Melodies of Kali Yuga–(YouTube)
>> No.450
Embed: VIETNAMESE GIRL IN MY ROOM | Only Rs 800 Vietnam Hotel Room –(YouTube)

>> No.452

File: ahkbaar ni aata.jpg–(82.85KB, 653x760)
No.438  [Reply]
you ylyl you ylyl bread
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>> No.442
File: torled.jpeg–(19.61KB, 300x300)

>> No.443
File: trollscience.png–(314.17KB, 800x600)

>> No.444
i dont get it
epic win

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