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File: chaati.jpg–(30.62KB, 640x831)
No.412  [Reply]
this invention is going to save society:

this invention will make feet not smell then they can put it on undies make balls not smell and girls will be less hesitant to give blowjobs
>> No.413
I'm volcel
>> No.416
this thread is not about you

File: 1.jpg–(105.72KB, 960x960)
No.407  [Reply]
What's going on on inch?
>> No.408
bhangis skipping on cleaning nali would rather use a site that seems familiar to gandi nali
>> No.409
File: mde10.png–(1.09MB, 1512x988)
lundiyachan is sickular like lundiya
it let's anyone do anything without ever realizing the wisdom that if let bhangis do anything they come to dominate the environment with their menace because their chimp brains don't know self restrain

File: images - 2021-01-02T173438.160.jpeg–(20.21KB, 480x360)
No.392  [Reply]
has based weebgod shigetsu abandoned this chan too?
( ⚈̥̥̥̥̥́⌢⚈̥̥̥̥̥̀)
>> No.393
>> No.394
>> No.406

File: hqdefafdsult.jpg–(15.69KB, 480x360)
No.399  [Reply]
would rather be the type of person that appears charming and nice to people initially but eventually they realize that you're faggy scum or would you rather be the type that seems almost like a retard in the beginning but eventually people realize that you're nice and even quite intelligent?
>> No.404
I am the type of a person that appears retarded in the beginning and later they found out I am faggy scum
>> No.405
same metoo k bi

File: CharasAcharya.png–(624.38KB, 784x594)
No.401  [Reply]
what if kids not going to school could boost iq?
i was thinking about what if a teacher teaches a kid what a shadow is and how it is formed? But what if instead you are the parent of the kid, the kid asks you "what is a shadow"? Or maybe you are the teacher of the kid. And you dont tell them what it is. But instead you tell them if they can figure it out in 30 days they will get an A for the assignment (A+ if 1 week.)
you'd have to somehow make them not use the internet too
also they could not ask other kids for the answer either. if they figure it out on their own i feel like this would cause a chain reaction, and make them 300 iq. keep in mind a child's identify forms at age 7, you are your age 7 self for the rest of your life.
>> No.402
That's not what homeschooling is retard
>> No.403
It'll definitely create more inch posters

Embed: Last Train Home–(YouTube)
No.390  [Reply]
ITT post whichecer song you like
but, you only get to post 1 song everyday

>> No.391
starting with a shitty jojo song.
new song tommorow
>> No.400
Embed: American Dad — The Weeknd’s Dark Secret–(YouTube)

File: 1526768860138.jpg–(24.89KB, 612x612)
No.398  [Reply]
Shigetsu nigetsu
Bhangestsu chamaretsu

File: 1588121555803.jpg–(1.48MB, 3024x4032)
No.395  [Reply]
Does a translation of ISAIF exist in indian languages?
i think it is imperative that we distribute this document among the indian masses
>> No.396
>> No.397
thinking of translating some key segments then sticking a few posters on the walls in public

File: unnamed.png–(49.67KB, 463x318)
No.387  [Reply]
srijan my friend inch jannies are going around doxxing each other ( https://archive.vn/B1P0K ). i heard you also applied for janny position on indiachan so they might come after you. just wanted to give you a heads up.
stay safe brother
>> No.388
why would reveal their identity to each other lol
>> No.389
because they are plebbitor/discordbhangi newfags before they are inch jannies unlike previous mods who understood how an imageboard works

File: b9a7c31d30b2eddb328cfbb2cd060376-imagepng.png–(678.76KB, 1063x2202)
No.381  [Reply]
i will now proceed to migrate to 108ch.cf because of disconnect between inch jannies and users
>> No.384
[spoiler]Where is SAGE[/spoiler]
>> No.385
shut the fuck up
>> No.386
File: images (1).jpeg–(70.46KB, 485x633)

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