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Embed: saib. - São Paulo Sunset–(YouTube)
No.166  [Reply]
Is Brazil the India of South America? This looks like a shitty Indian movie, music is okay I guess.
>> No.167
Brazil is the Balochistan of europe

File: Pre Clubbing - waiting for reuben.jpg–(25.78KB, 345x381)
No.141  [Reply]
how much information about me can someone dig out from my ip address
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>> No.159
Can they find stuff like my facebook account or phone number or what device I'm using with my IP?
Keep in mind that I'm not talking about random internet faggots but people who know hacking and other tech stuff
>> No.160
No, they can't.
>> No.161
Especially if you're on a DHCP server, even on a static server finding your mobile number is next to impossible (unless you've uploaded it to the internet like a faggot.)

File: images (5).jpeg–(26.28KB, 640x480)
No.157  [Reply]
Happy birthday Modi ji
>> No.158
I don't like wishing birthdays but modiji is special
Happy Birthday Modi ji!

File: 1585746953668.gif–(49.09KB, 204x400)
No.152  [Reply]
>Paki actress makes anti Islamic statements openly
>She keeps doing it, lol
>Be me, in Pakistan?????
>At a cafe????
>Suddenly a bunch of terrorists arrive and behead the actress
>They are now going to overthrow the gobermint
This is a my dream I had last night, was pretty spooky.
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>> No.154
Phoneposting sucks ass
>> No.155
This is just embarrassing
>> No.156
i will ignore this thread and save you from the embarrassment

File: om.png–(1.09MB, 1880x1175)
No.137  [Reply]
Good morning guys, wake up early chant gayatri matra, feels good man.
Remember to be productive during the day, and let's meet in the evening.
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>> No.144
Waking up at 4 daily, sleeping at 9 for the past week.
Being productive, got debarred from placements earlier cause autism so preparing for competitive exams.
>> No.147
exams for jobs or for further studies?
>> No.150
Both but main focus is on GATE

File: rock.jpeg–(20.25KB, 400x400)
No.148  [Reply]
faggot bhangali why aren't webms allowed? i wanted to make a webm thread
>> No.149

File: mornin.jpg–(6.04KB, 116x116)
No.5  [Reply]
-add home page and board links on top to make navigation easier
-do not make more boards this time
-increase max file size to atleast 3 mb
that's all i can think right now and what's up with the shigetsu name?
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>> No.142
File: Screenshot_20200915-061647.png–(17.90KB, 1080x101)
-instead of showing "x hours ago" show the time on which it was posted
-the update option on recent posts is a good feature but change its colour to something else.
>> No.198
Increased maximum filesize limit upto 5MB.
>> No.213
Fixed color problem.

File: 1590619853279.png–(129.49KB, 583x482)
No.122  [Reply]
Mai bhangi ban na chahta hoon
>> No.136
Indiachan pe jaa na

File: RGVeda_Cove_vol1r.jpg–(49.39KB, 260x369)
No.133  [Reply]
thoughts on this anime?
>> No.135
More like anigay

File: Ghazwa-e-Hind-explained-.jpg–(60.51KB, 696x689)
No.130  [Reply]
IRC doesnt work faggot
>> No.131
Yes, I have noticed this too. Probably, something is wrong with Rizon.
>> No.134
Rizon works fine, I am on a different channel in rizon and its working great

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