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File: Screenshot_20200903-162357.png–(59.24KB, 1080x460)
No.114  [Reply]
rusty god has issued his statement
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>> No.125
rusty has literal it cells duking it out in his chan. his chan should be shut down and he should be castrated.
>> No.128
File: animu16.jfif–(6.38KB, 200x177)
Nice cope. Rusty-sama's piss is more valuable than this chan.
>> No.129
you have tasted it, haven't you cringe filename thief

File: swfewfrwegr.png–(102.46KB, 476x270)
No.116  [Reply]
ITT: we discuss how to effectively shill 108channel and invite posters here. post whatever ideas and strategies you have, also post links to where you're shilling
i made this thread
keep bumping this once every few hours
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>> No.124
this is stupid. you'll just be getting faggots like the german flag mutt and the rabid leftists. its better to invite people through referals
>> No.126
Which subreddits do you recommend?
>> No.127
invited some twitter friends

File: IMG_20200830_180750.jpg–(365.17KB, 1840x3280)
No.110  [Reply]
was it you in indiachan irc yesterday under the name of pajeetkun
>> No.111
No. Why though?
>> No.112
File: Screenshot_20200902-124237.png–(73.01KB, 1080x701)
idk I thought this was you
>> No.113
Lol, nope.

File: nutella.jpg–(450.35KB, 3278x2457)
No.107  [Reply]
>> No.108
out of loop here.
>> No.109
We need more

File: Girls.png–(490.09KB, 449x401)
No.97  [Reply]
So this site failed again? Why though? Pic unrelated
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>> No.103
>> No.104
>> No.106
To avoid spammers.

File: 1596158925278.jpg–(19.75KB, 412x351)
No.44  [Reply]
>everybody says ok bhangali
>nobody says are u ok bhangali
>> No.98
Chup bhangali

File: images (92).jpeg–(32.26KB, 438x700)
No.13  [Reply]
>no more boards, in fact just make a single general board. Chan is too small for more than that
>catalogue on homepage/if just one board then homepage should be the board homepage
>dark mode bro dark mode.messageboards and chans have changed in the last decade and the way we access them has also changed, these nu-chans need to adapt to gain traction. Also homepage needs to be optimised for rendering on phone screen
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>> No.93
well well what do we have here
>> No.95
Done. Should be zoomer-friendly now.
>> No.96
User IDs have been added!
Note here that relative time is only available for JavaScript enabled browsers.

File: f57.jpg–(79.16KB, 640x640)
No.30  [Reply]
Finally, added an ad in front page. I'll get paid $0.02 per unique click (I'm not sure). They will be sent to my buttcoin address. Gonna waste them on buying a decent domain and get a good hosting service.
Kindly, do the needful and click on the ad when you feel so.
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>> No.79
Don't be a pussy srijam, I can't buy and donate bitcoins, ads were fine.
>> No.83
are you logging our ip address?
>> No.89
IPs are stored for only a limited timespan. Once your threads get deleted, your IP will be deleted along with it.

File: kek.gif–(21.18KB, 220x147)
No.84  [Reply]
>> No.85

File: topper.jpg–(83.48KB, 635x640)
No.71  [Reply]
what if someday someone could start the rumour that eating previous years exam toppers feces could get you a very good rank, do you think bugman tier zoomers who'd do anything for 'success', lap it up (figuratively and literally)?
>exam prep coaching student towns like kota, katwaria sarai would have dedicated tatti mandis
>the higher the rank the higher the price
>mfw there would crowds gathered discussing how a particular shop is selling his own 'fake' shit instead of X toppers who is said to have topped a particular exam 2 times in a row
>mfw zoomers father brings him diarrhea of his friends meticulous son and force feeds him interrupting his gaming session saying "kuch to fayda hoga"
>> No.75
>tfw you realize this site has same userbase as inch
>> No.76
nope only the upper portion that doesn't post on that bhangichan anymore probably overlaps

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