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File: 96245823.gif–(1.09MB, 600x600)
Anons, can you draw? I want to get into animation but can't draw, what do?
>> No.173
i can't draw as well. i think its like any other hobby, if you didn't draw growing up as kid, you will have a hard time learning it
only way is to force yourself to learn which is very boring and if you have anger issues like me, you will just end up breaking stuff because you couldn't draw the perfect curve
>> No.175
I need pencils to draw. Digital art sucks when you have a low res display.
>> No.178
my brother draws those soulless pencil sketches of his dumbfuck hiphop friends
>> No.185
Post'em, let us see.>>178
>> No.230
Make stickman animations, problem solved.

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