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File: images (39).jpg–(64.58KB, 507x605)
>Be me
>Born in Bihar
>Move to Maharashtra as a child
>Live here for 15 years
>Want to study enginiggering
>Take engineering subjects in high school
>Prepare for national university entrance
>Chill out thinking I have another option in my local Maharashtra colleges
>Read the brochure
>You need to be an ethnic Marathi or have a domicile of MH state to study in a local state university
>Outsiders not permitted
>Didn't bother registering for my own state's exam

JFL. I'm going to take up Life Sciences or some bullshit. All private uni applications are closed, I really thought I had a shot there and didn't register for anything else.
>> No.215
take a drop and prepare for BITSAT
>> No.216
If you're living there for 15 years you're eligible for a domicile.
>> No.222
>Just live there for 15 years anon, what's the big deal? :^)
Lmao like a fucking parody.

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