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File: BJP.png–(14.12KB, 154x159)
What is ur opinion about Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) Hindutva ideology and ethno nationalist agenda?
>> No.2
Leftism masquerading as right. Bastardization of left right politics based on american model of politics.
>> No.3
I believe Congress should come back to power but not under Gayndhi. Bajpah's dindoo ethnonationalism nignoggery is too divisive for a diverse country such as India. Alternative would be bajpahtards dialing down their ethnonationalist nignoggery for more religious nignoggery issues.
>> No.4
I think we need someone new. If This guy Kanhaiya Kumar and some good politician can win without any party backing them, It'd do wonders. We need these Huge Parties like BJP and Congress to die. They have rotten to the core and forgot what they came into politics for.
>> No.5
I am thinking of making my own political party.
>> No.6

chup kar nashedi
>> No.7
I'm guessing you're that Himachali guy who wants SI-esque regional parties in HP.
It'll be hard to take off unless you're aiming at some specific caste/ethnicity and doesn't have backing from the strong leaders or have enough charisma to become one yourself. JNP in Haryana was the last party I ever heard where they took away significant votes from both sides to become an influential state level participant in the current alliance ruling that state now.
>> No.8
Honestly, i think BJP hasn't done much for Hindus and maybe it was just an election thing they used.
>> No.9
Yes. BJP only create panic among Hindus and provoke their sensitivity to increase their vote bank.

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