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File: 8ab35726-c3ea-11e9-ad8c-2755.jpg–(144.82KB, 820x586)
Boycotting Chinese Products doesn't make any sense. Because when India start to ban products from China, they will also ban our products in China. In 2018-19 India’s exports to China were mere $16.7 billion. So Indian economy will suffer because of this stupid movement.
>> No.12
Nobody is seriously boycotting Chinese products(which are mostly electrical and other consoomer with which they tweet the trend with) and India doesn't have a large amount of consoomer export for them to boycott and create an impact.
>> No.13
This is just an opinion but I believe our economy will suffer even if we continue to rely on imports per se, even arguably more so in the long run. We need to cultivate atleast a low-med amount of self-reliance because the economy on a global level can be really unpredictable, we cannot figure out which minor tension going on right now in the middle east could germinate a major attack on the economy, and the consequential profit or loss we might take. Boosting the notion of swadesi-porducts at a local level will only reinforce our defenses in case we take a hit on the economy map
>> No.14
I agree, however the problem is how do we grow our homegrown industries so that they be able to compete with the chinks? Even our homegrown software industries aren't doing that well. And that was one area we had our strength. We can't even have a homegrown software industry that is capable of taking on giants like Microsft, Facebook and Google while Chinese can somewhat stand on their legs without relying on these ameerican corporations for most of their support.
>> No.15
You have a fair point except that Chini and Amriki companies row two different boats. While the America Giants rely on their innovations to give them an edge against the mid-tier MNCs, the Chinese make profiting from business extremely feasible. This is also the reason why companies worldwide get baited to invest in China cuz the turnouts right now are great. This is also the reason why guys inside India too are drawn there because they have the value point, "it just werks" on their side.
This is the thing, this is why we need to tap out from this shit as soon as possible, because a deal can never be too good. As for how the India we know right now is full of incompetent brats that struggle against the huge market, now that is a test for us, how our institutions can guarantee that our best minds would be the anchors on which the pseudo-backup home economy can put their faith in, because you know the picture, you know how our genius westfaggots are making it so complicated for us to stand on our own too. Those mules will instinctively trade a basic job in one of the big names for being the CEO of a promising local company without batting a single eye, because its just a choice between the easy job vs the tough job, nothing else.
Basically, what I mean is, Indians are messed up to the core, and the policies involved with the industries are not making it less complicated
>> No.16
*the tradeoff mentioned is reversed

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