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File: bullseye.png–(39.30KB, 200x151)
Faggots are the most subhumanly people on earth. There is a reason why they are ostracised and exterminated in most societies. Faggots are not welcome in this chan.
>> No.30
File: Brihannala.jpg–(291.44KB, 1112x1015)
panduputra "the ideal hindu" arjun was a tranny. got that transphobe?
don't mind him twitter friends. based srijan god will ban him when he wakes up
>> No.31
>blah blah muh tranny
Arjun has been dead for 5000+ years and we should ensure that all trannies meet the same fate
>> No.33
what's your problem with the trans community?
hijras do so much work for society, we should be thankful to them
>> No.46
>what's your problem with the trans community?
My problem is that they are trans.

>hijras do so much work for society, we should be thankful to them
Clapping on toll booths isn't work for society, retard.
>> No.48
that's your personal problem then
mumbai economy runs on the shoulders of the hijra community. educate yourself edgelord
>> No.50
>muh Slumbai
Is that why that shithole has become such a nuke worthy place?
>> No.51
it's the best city in this country
if mumbai is nukeworthy then so is rest of india
>> No.52
>b-best city in India bro
Yeah, a city where half of the population lives in slums. It may have the most economic importance but it is far from being the best city.
>> No.56
>> No.60
vedas recommend that cities should be less than 50k people
>> No.61
Shouldn't you fags have flags on here? At least Indian regional ones?

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